My Background

I am an assistant professor of journalism in The Media School at Indiana University. My research focuses on the relationships between media, audiences and marginalized populations. My projects have focused on subjects such as the media coverage of the social justice issues and protests, social media behavioral effects, Internet memes, Ebola news coverage, social media uses and gratifications, and the intricacies of news media presence in social media networks. I hope that my research can serve both practical and theoretical purposes to advance knowledge in and outside the realm of academic discourse. 


Before pursuing my doctoral degree, I worked as a photographer, designer, and writer. I also worked in higher education administration, serving as a public relations specialist, responsible for print and web publication creation, marketing & recruitment, design, writing, photography, and social media management. As a freelancer, I worked with several clients including Baylor University, New Mexico State University, Baylor Law School, Region 12 ESC, Muscular Dystrophy Association, several magazines in Central Texas, and various citizen movement campaigns in Texas. 


I received my doctorate in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin in August 2017. I also received my Bachelor's degree in Journalism & Public Relations in December 2008 from Baylor University and my master's degree in Journalism, New Media & Public Relations in August 2013 from Baylor University.  I am the official director of chaos for two extraordinary tiny human children and am the "okayest" dog mom to two young pups.

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